Professional Lactation Consultation with a IBCLC

Price (HSA eligible): $75.00

We’ll schedule your appointment according to your baby’s feeding schedule – generally the same day or within 12 hours of your phone call

Your private consultation will help you achieve comfort and success in your breastfeeding efforts.

  • Consults are conducted by The Care Connection’s Board Certified Lactation Consultants.
  • Detailed clinical notes and care plans will be developed for you and sent to your baby’s pediatrician for placement in Baby’s chart.
  • Please feel free to have an additional adult accompany you.
  • Followups are welcome but generally not necessary. Simply ask our professional staff to update your Care Plan and update your pediatrician.

Should you desire additional private consultation time, you may do so at a reduced rate which will be pro-rated in fifteen-minute increments

Professional Lactation Consultation with a IBCLC