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Breast Pumps and the Affordable Care Act

Health plans are now required to cover breast feeding support and supplies.

The Care Connection has received the distinction of a “Medela Certified Nursing Center” and is recognized as a premiere provider of Lactation services with WNY insurances.

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Karen and Suzanne have been really outstanding sources of information and support throughout my experience breastfeeding as a first-time mom. I would not hesitate to recommend calling the Care Connection for encouragement and practical advice.
Kristie Bailey

About Care Connection

With over 30 years of friendship, Allison and Holly are entering into their 5th year of owning The Care Connection Lactation and Wellness Center. The Care Connection has been in the community for more than 28 years and they have worked hard to maintain the warm and inviting atmosphere the center has been known for in assisting moms with all of their breastfeeding needs. At The Care Connection, you will find a variety of breast pumps reimbursable through insurance, small group classes, and priv